Customer survey


    Dear Customer,

    Please support us with your opinion. Only with your help we are able to recognize in which domains
    we need to develop our internal and external processes. As we have chosen only a few customers for
    the survey, your opinion is very important for us.

    Thank you very much for your support and help!

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    1. Are you satisfied with following domains at traytec:

      2. Did you have had any problems with an order?  

      3. Please describe shortly which problem you have had:  

      4. Did you get in contact with company traytec while having this problem?  

    (further with question 6)

      5. Related to the contact, which impressions did you get of the arrangements traytec took to solve the problem?  

      6. All in all, are you satisfied with company traytec?  

      7. How satisfied are you with our product catalogue?  

      8. Are there any products or services, which you miss in our range of articles?  

      9. Would you recommend company traytec to other companies?  

      10. If you have anything else to tell us or inform us about, please do not hesitate:  

      11. On which trade fair would you like to see us?  

         Thank you for your support!

         Dieter Niehaus
         (Head of Internal Sales)